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Always have the
freshest possible data
when you use RocketReach. Every time you add a contact, we check in real time to ensure you receive verified, working email addresses.
Verified contacts are indicated with green icons, and now also a letter grade that reflects RocketReach’s projected deliverability of the email address.
Screenshot 2023-09-22 at 12
Focus on green email addresses graded
whenever possible.
As a reminder, credits are used only when you receive green, verified contacts.
Yellow email addresses graded
typically have high success rates and are well suited for 1-to-1 messages. Remember, these are bonus contacts so give them a try!
Any email address that we have deemed invalid will be hidden to provide you with the best experience.
Do you have a list of names without contact info? Or maybe a list of outdated contacts? You can easily import that list as a CSV file and get fresh contact data from RocketReach.
Hover in the left-hand menu to access the newly added fast link:
"Upload List"
The improved workflow to upload a list is part of our website redesign — additional updates coming soon!
This feature is for Enterprise clients only.
We are thrilled to announce the release of a powerful new feature to enhance team management and deliver more insightful usage reports for RocketReach. As part of our continuous effort to improve user experience and help larger teams collaborate more efficiently, we are introducing
Departments & Subdepartments
What's New?
  1. Departments & Subdepartments
    : This new feature allows larger teams to easily classify their users into departments and subdepartments, providing a more structured approach to managing team members. With this enhancement, you can now:
- Create and manage departments and subdepartments
- Assign users to their respective departments and subdepartments
- Move users between departments and subdepartments as needed
  1. Updated Usage Reports
    : We have updated our Usage Reports to include department and subdepartment data. This enhancement will help you gain more insights into your team's usage and productivity. With the updated Usage Reports, you can:
- View data at the department and subdepartment level
- Compare performance and usage across different departments and subdepartments
- Identify trends and areas for improvement within your organization
How to Get Started?
To start using the Departments & Subdepartments feature, simply navigate to the Team Management section from your Account page. From there, you can create, edit, and manage your organization's departments and subdepartments, and assign users accordingly.
To see Departments & Subdepartments in your reports, make sure to click "Add Departments/Subdepartments Breakdown" when generating a usage report.
Create Company Lists
  • You can now create a list exclusively of companies.
  • Save companies to your Company List from company search.
Manage Your Company Lists in the My Lists section
  • See and make changes to your company lists by going to “My Lists” and then selecting the “Companies” tab.
  • Note: You can see your RocketReach contacts by selecting the “People” tab.
Use Company Lists to Search for People
  • You can use your saved company lists to search for people.
  • While searching for People, scroll down to the Employer section and select a saved Company List to filter the results and see only employees of those companies.
Upgraded Default Field Mappings
  • We've updated the default field mapping configuration, which is now more precise. This update is available right now for all Salesforce integration users.
Field Mappings Customization
  • Map RocketReach fields to their standard and custom Salesforce fields.
  • Choose which fields to overwrite or leave unchanged.
  • Apply a single mapping configuration to the entire team.
This functionality can be found on the Salesforce integration settings page.
The customization is available for Enterprise plan users. Please contact us at to upgrade your plan.
Search results limit increased
You may now retrieve up to
profiles per search, which doubles our previous limit of
profiles. This change affects searches made in the Web interface as well as the API.
Provide feedback on our list generation tool
  • Tell us if you're satisfied with the results of your bulk lookup
  • Leave detailed feedback to help us improve the feature
  • Survey will be displayed 15 minutes after your results are accessed.
  • Get notifications about new features and updates on RocketReach when they're released
  • Access past updates at any time via the
    "What's New?"
    item in the user menu
  • You can also request a new feature or vote on previously requested ones via the
    "Request Feature"
    option in the user menu
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